About Silver Rain radiostation

What is Silver Rain?

Informational and entertaining radio station.

Daily spiritual nourishment necessary for a modern successful person.

18 years of successful operation in Moscow.

New format for Russian cities, which is clearly targeted at wealthy audience… and broadcasting covers more than 100 cities!

Official history of the radio station

Informational and entertaining radio station SILVER RAIN

For the first time the radio station went on the air on July 4th 1995. In July 1997 it started satellite broadcasting. Today people more than in 100 cities of Russia and in countries of near and far abroad listen to our radio.

Silver Rain is the first radio station on the territory of continental Europe, which went via Internet in real-time mode.


Today our audience, who has access to the worldwide computer network, can listen to their favourite radio station for 24 hours.

Silver Rain has become the first radio station, to which you can listen on the phone, if you don’t have any radio set at hand. What you need is just to dial +7 (495) 785-11-88.

Silver rain is one of the few radio stations of Moscow FM-range, which preserved its independence (it’s not a part of any media holding company) and which proved its complete commercial success.

Audience of the Radio Station Silver Rain

A 30-45 year old person. Top or middle manager or a successful specialist, who constantly requires information about urgent events in many spheres, who aims at achieving best results in everything, who is purposeful and…wants to be No 1 in everything!

523 thousand people listen to Silver Rain daily.

At least once a week 1 million and 783 thousand people listen to Silver Rain.

Special projects of Silver Rain

Silver Rain is not just a radio – it’s the way of life every day, every year.

«Silver Galosh»

A ceremony of presenting awards for the most doubtful achievements in show business.

«Silver Galosh» is awarded since 1996 for the most doubtful achievements in show business. Each ceremony is a celebrated and out of the ordinary event. Within 13 years more than 50 representatives of show business, the most popular variety performers, who made a brilliant display of virtuosic plagiarism, untalented producing or because of their obtrusive video «got into a mess». Among them Bary Alibasov, Philipp Kirkorov, Nokolaj Baskov, the band «Mumij Troll», Alsu, Dmitry Dibrov, Serega and many other movie and theatre stars or simply celebrities. Many of them were awarded the Galosh for several times.

Birthday of Silver Rain in Nahabino

Silver Rain has been enjoying friendship and partner relations with Le Meridien Moscow Country Club in Nahabino for more than one year – a country golf-club of the highest grade, which belongs to the Headquarters of servicing diplomatic body. Grand celebration of Silver Rain birthday takes place annually in Nahabino.

It is one of the most glamorous parties of the year, before visiting which all guests prepare in advance. Presenters of society columns of all central mass media wait impatiently for it.

The holiday itself is a closed event of the radio station. To visit it one has to buy tickets, which are sold, while guests receive specially designed invitations. Guests of the party are the closest friends of the radio station – permanent customers, top managers of the largest companies and celebrities of Russian show business.

Every year a special music program is drawn for the holiday, according to which a celebrity, invited on purpose, performs a solo-concert. Toto Cutugnio, Vaya con Dios, Lou Bega, Liza Minnelli, Gloria Gaynor and other performed at the parties of Silver Rain at different times.

«February 14th»

The only and unique show of Silver Rain celebrities on St. Valentine’s Day.

Silver Rain prepares an unforgettable holiday for all those, who is loved, who loves or is waiting for love, annually despite frost, snow or even rain. Only on February 14th on St. Valentine’s Day all those, who visits the monument of All Beloved in the «Hermitage» garden, have an opportunity to make the dearest wish. It will definitely come true, especially if you decided to come with your beloved!

Silver Rain prepared a surprise for those, who haven’t met the second half yet. Only on this day the unique skating-rink on the Red Square was open only for friends of Silver Rain, who believe and looking for their love.

Unique holiday atmosphere and presenters of Silver Rain, many of whom skated for the first time together with their fans, helped all comers to find their second half!

«Yard Leapfrog»

Silver rain radio station has many good traditions. One of them is to make a holiday for its listeners, which is called «Yard Leapfrog».

It’s a sort of a family matinee held in free and unobtrusive atmosphere, which is characteristic for a matinee. We invite all comers to join us and to recollect the games from our childhood: «Salochki», «Rezinochka», «Statues» and «Kolechko-kolechko» and many other games, which are unknown to children nowadays.

The holiday wouldn’t be so joyful, if not for our presenters – they are the ones, who play with the listeners. Where else, if not on «Yard Leapfrog», one can play «Bouncer» game with Vladimir Solovjev and to compete in «Gorodki» with Leonid Volodarsky?! As the experience of organizing the holiday shows, outside games carry away both children and grown-ups equally.

Up to 2000 people visit the holiday on the average. «Yard Leapfrog» undoubtedly presupposes prizes – quite all participants of competitions are presented souvenirs from Silver Rain and presents from sponsors, who are friends of our radio. It’s noteworthy that our holiday is a free of charge entertainment for our audience.

«Flat ball» soccer cup tie

One of the brightest events is an annual «Flat ball» soccer cup tie between the team of Silver Rain radio station and the team composed of the radio’s audience. Only once a year one can see with his own eyes Silver Rain radio station celebrities in one «program»!

Silver Rain radio station organizes this grand event not for the first year and each time it is a success.

«Fishing in Silver Rain»

It's an event, which is unique in every aspect. First of all, it’s due to the fact that it is organized by the listeners to our radio station. It is both a sports competition (real open championship of “Silver Rain” in fishing with prizes and presents to participants) and a big joyful holiday for the whole family. Participants of the championship together with their wives, husbands, children and dogs welter in primordial pleasure – fishing.

And for those, who have never held a rod, organizers have prepared a number of other kinds of easy entertainment: cookery competitions on the basis of their haul, competitions in beach volleyball, beach backgammon and beach darts. Ask, what is the difference between regular backgammon and beach backgammon? You can learn this only by joining our holiday.

Year in year out fishing moves to different places. Thus, the first championship took place in 2000 on the beaches of Don, after that fishermen competed on Volga, Oka and again returned to Don. As a rule, the Championship gathers a huge number of participants – from 200 up to 400 people on the average. «Fishing in Silver Rain» lasts for 5-7 days.

Silver Rain in the cities

Regional development

Since 1999 an experienced team of «Silver Rain - Nizhny Novgorod» radio station has been developing regional network of Silver Rain.

In 2006 it was decided to begin a new stage of regional network development: transition of relations management with regional broadcasters to a Moscow office and to start network capitalization.

Since then, in July 2006, Regional Development Department started to operate in Moscow office of Silver Rain.

«We are creating a strong, professional and a commercially successful network».

What are the duties of the Regional Development Department?

It looks for customers in the cities of Russia and in foreign countries to organize broadcasting of the radio station on partnership terms.

Consults regional broadcasters of the radio station on various issues of broadcasting: from legal to technical and organizational issues.

Participates in FKK contests for winning the right to broadcast in various cities, helps to draw up and to execute contest documentation, takes part in preparation of different promo-campaigns of its partners.

Organizes seminars both in cities, which are covered by broadcasting, and in Moscow office of the radio station.

Organizes joint broadcasting campaigns of regional broadcasters within federal broadcasting.

Provides various advertising and information materials to its partners.

Develops branch network of Silver Rain radio station.

Silver Rain in your city

A new radio station with strong informational broadcasting, rich set of authors’ and theme programs, which differs from the majority of radio stations, which are present in the city and which have informational and entertaining format.

The only network station, which makes it possible to include in rebroadcasting a large volume of local authors’ own programs and different talk shows.

The only radio station, the names of presenters of which are known all over the country, makes it possible to bring up own celebrities of radio broadcasting on the basis of its format and experience.

A successful commercial project, which is attractive for the advertisers of the region, production and services of which presuppose high income and a certain social status of a consumer.

Our regional partners say that:

Regional market is ready to apprehend Silver Rain: audience wants to listen to something new on air, it wants to communicate with clever famous people and to listen to their opinion, but not to constantly defuse monologues of ever-young and joyful DJs of music radio stations.

The audience in the cities wants to receive information about the life of their region.

Customers started to strive for more guaranteed contacts with their target consumer group.

Partnership with Silver Rain presupposes everything that was mentioned above!

And the most important aspect is that Silver Rain differs from any radio station in our city! We practically don’t have any competitors. Our audience is very loyal and stable and attractive for the advertisers of the region…

While developing our regional broadcasting network, we have noticed that recently we receive more and more offers to start cooperation: every next six months we receive by 1,5 times applications on cooperation more.

Silver rain format is strictly determined in the process of negotiations with a regional partner as potentially successful from commercial point of view.

Silver Rain is not less, and sometimes even more, successful in small towns than in multi-million cities.

Mainly managers and owners of large media structures in cities come to us to hold negotiations. When we ask: W«hy do you prefer cooperation with Silver Rain to cooperation with other radio stations?» – as a rule they answer: «We already have all popular modern formats, but the audience is bored with them, and we can’t listen to these radio stations for a long time already. We are interested in the format of Silver Rain, because it’s close to us and we can understand it. We don’t have any radio station in the city, which adults, who actualized themselves, can listen to.»

Daily issues of local news of the city and region every hour!

Rebroadcasting of Moscow programs.

Possibility to place a commercial within a federal commercial block, which is broadcasted in regions.

Possibility for regional partners to broadcast their own theme programs and talk shows.

2 commercial blocks, where local commercial information can be announced, every hour and amazing possibilities for the formation of sponsorship packages.

Possibility for the audience to participate in federal broadcasting campaigns of Silver Rain as well as organization and holding of own off-air events.

We are making the radio and we exactly know what it should be like!

  • Radio for clever people
  • Radio for successful people
  • Radio for active people
  • Radio for you

Silver Rain radio station

Telephones of commercial service (495) 643-100-1

E-mail: silver@silver.ru

127083, Russia, Moscow, Petrovsko-Razumovskij Avenue, 12-а, tel. (495) 643-100-1